Sandblasting in Melbourne

The use of patterned glass in homes and business premises is becoming increasingly popular among Melbourne architects and interior designers. Not only does it offer instant aesthetic appeal, but patterned glass can also enhance privacy and security.

Designs are embedded into the glass surface through a process called sandblasting, whereby a stencil is placed on the glass pane and is then blasted with sand to create the pattern. By slowly and gradually removing the stencil in the process, you produce the depth and shading in the glass that makes it look so appealing.

When you need glass sandblasting in Melbourne’s south east, you can trust Orient Glass & Glazing to deliver first-class results each and every time.

Creative Designs that Are Unique to You

The scope of what Orient Glass & Glazing is able to do with sandblasting is limited only by your imagination. Whether you have a specific custom design in mind or you want to see previous examples of our expertise in this area for extra inspiration, we will do what we can to bring your designs to life.

We are able to offer superior-quality glass sandblasting to Melbourne homes and businesses in Dandenong, Frankston, and surrounding areas. For more information, get in touch with us online or call (03) 9799 1563.

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